Wherever you are at in life or your career, the ability to dissasemble information from your mind and reassemble it in the precise way needed to bring clarity and understanding to someone elses mind (or perhaps your own again) is the most powerful edge you will ever need to achieve your goals.  This clarity is like a laser that can penetrate the toughest barriers and allow individuals, teams and corporations the freedom to arrive at the right answer quickly as they navigate the journey to their potential. This journey is so often slow and encumbered by noise such as lack of confidence, engagement, trust, understanding and so much more. We live in a time where this noise is louder than ever. At Speakshop, our mission is to show the way to cutting through it all and achieving the discipline and almost obsession needed to design the course and stay the course in an agile, adaptive and confident mindset.  Check out how we can give you a free consult in helping you design a plan to achieving your desired outcome in: 

turn communication into your edge, not your barrier. 







Does what you think you represent land the same way with the end user?

            Imagine getting on to an airplane for a trip you were looking forward to.  It's a long flight and the thoughts of the sunny tropical paradise you thought you were headed to were enough to keep you on board and content through the uncomfortable 8 hours ahead. Your plane lands and you step out into a frigid cold destination and you have no idea where you are. The plane definitely went to the wrong place, or at least a place nothing like you were told it was going to.  Pretty sure you wouldn't be using that airline again. Okay, that's extreme and we sure hope that never happens... but that is very akin to what it can feel like for people who are swooped into a perception of a brand ( personal and company) or value proposition only to have a landing that is nothing like they expected. Some of the keys to avoiding this are to build a brand that exceeds expections in the early key phases of the relationship, aligning perceived boardroom / planning expections with end experience reality, learning observational and empathetic diversity outside of your own / team's current scope and more. Let's take a look and build a plan with mindful clarity. 






Speed x Accuracy = Execution, sure but.... 

            Trust and clarity are cornerstone to any group, no matter how large or small, that hopes to get to the dialogue that enables the BEST way forward as a team. Speed is as slow or fast as the trust in the group. Clarity goes from blur to laser sharp when ALL involved are uniquely reached through expert communication skills.  Before you hold your next strategic planning session, training event, webinar and more, let's talk about some methods you can employ to bring out the best contributions.  There is a language between strategy and tactics that turns passionate ideas into every minute action instead of watered down, complacent versions of the original. Whether you need to speak it for your own personal growth or learn to access and unlock the people you are planning with, we are here to help. The key is in the questions. Let's talk. 





In a perfect shoal of thousands of fish... which fish started the movement?

                Do us a favor. Stop here, open a new tab and Google or youtube the Japanese giant hornet vs the Japanese honeybee. The precision and cooperation required for the honeybee is one of millions of natures marvels that demonstrates a perfect symphony of collaboration towards a shared goal. What if we told you that the same primal mechanism to work together so beautifully lies within all of us? Always has. Always will.  Sometimes, in order to crush the competition, work together hand in hand, survive hardships and more, we need to activate that harmony within groups. Not so easy in a new world and new generations that bring complexities some coaches and leaders aren't equipped to deal with. Silence the noise and create the harmony by understanding and coming back to the primal basics of collaborative intelligence. 




Win the argument, the pitch, the job and more...

                We have all walked away from one interaction or another wishing we said XYZ or responded in a different manner. If you are in sales and haven't already come to terms with the fact that you are swimming in an ocean of rejection, it's not going to go well for you. Not taking things personally isn't always so easy. The fact is - in any conversation (even the ones you have with yourself) you are either persuading, or being persuaded. And wheh being persuaded knocks you back a notch - it's hard to move forward again. That's normal. Resetting to a place of confidence and logic isn't a natural piece of cake, is it? It can be, though, and it comes down to some simple reprogramming and steps you need to have the discipline to do consciously until that beautiful subconscious takes over. Don't lose another shred of dignity. Don't waste another key and influential discussion without letting us take a look at the gap between your ability to disassemble your idea in your mind and reassemble it in another or your own. It's easier than you think, but it will take work and practice. Here's a hint at what's ahead - more often than not - the hardest mind to persuade will be your own. 






          Trevor O’Rourke is a passionate and creative people leader with over 20 years of rich and diversified leadership experience that includes sales management, business to business, multi-unit management, and training design and delivery .

       Never one to settle for conventional methods, Trevor has a reputation for designing and executing unique and effective strategic planning initiatives and progressive and customized training programs. A passionate trainer and facilitator – Trevor has always thrived in every challenge of engaging large and small groups with dynamic and activating content and has been requested to facilitate for multiple companies including not for profit organizations and government organizations.

      Trevor is a certified Neuro Linguistic Programming master practitioner, a certificate holder in multiple communication expertise disciplines and was part of a small north American team chosen to pilot the launch of “The Great Discovery” – a program co-designed by the author of “Six Sigma”. 


"Trevor is an excellent presenter. I had the pleasure of inviting Trevor to come speak at MOSAIC, an organization that helps empower new immigrants. He was able to expertly design the Coaching Skills seminar to meet the needs of the audience, a group of professionals who are volunteering to mentor newcomers to Canada. His presentation was engaging, collaborative, and very informative. I would strongly recommend Trevor to teach Coaching skills to any audience" Abram Assat - Employee and Alumni Engagement Advisor at the University of British Columbia